How to Distinguish Real Leather from Imitation Leather

When you intend to buy a leather item, one question may come into your mind – how can I distinguish the real leather from imitation leather?
There are 4 steps for you to judge that whether an item is made by real leather or imitation leather.
Look at your own skin, you will find that there are pores, texture and gloss. So does the real leather. Look carefully at the belt and you will find pores, texture and gloss on it. Though it is one piece of belt, you will find that the texture varies on different parts.
Also, real leather is highly ductile. When you fold the belt, the texture become less obvious; at the same time, you can see the pores more clearly.
This may be a hard step for one to follow. A common rule is that real leather touches good and smooth while imitation leather does not.
All kinds of real leather enjoy elasticity. When one pinches the real leather, they find that it forms some unusual textures.
Note: for hard cowhide, due to the special craft, there is usually no texture on it and it is hard to pinch it, but you can still see pores on it.
Usually, imitation leather shares penetrating odour that is quite similar to that of plastic. One can find some real leather item, smell it and you will know it.

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