About Us

We are a Delhi Based USFDA registered company, established in 2013, with a reputation of selling in a wide range of healthy food items, primarily in Indian as well as International market, targeting a broad base of customers through our dedicated site, other online platforms, physical stores, retail chains and partner channels. We focus on organic products and intend to keep adding more items in our list, evolving prolifically in the healthy lifestyle segment of the market.

We believe in providing the choicest of organic and purely natural products, rich in nutrients, to a growing base of health-conscious consumers, with an exclusive focus on improving their fitness conditions, both physically and mentally, and helping them maintain a high immunity level. We support sustainable practices via organic farming, procurement, and sales, complying with the best business practices, within the regulatory framework. We put special emphasis on working towards improving our brand and products and make them customer and environment friendly.

“It’s clear that agriculture, done right, is the best means the world has today to simultaneously tackle food security, poverty and environmental degradation.”

– Irene Rosenfeld



Renaush Global seeks to maintain a sustainable environment for the generations to come by providing nutritious and genuine products that are grown and produced with optimum farming techniques.



To become a leading exporter of agricultural products in India by ensuring a steady and stable supply of organic and natural products. Our vision is to bring a change in the consumption pattern of the people and make them adopt a healthier lifestyle. To provide consumers with certified agricultural food while at the same time nourishing the ecosystem with environmentally friendly methods.



  • Our Label "Renaush" 

    We offer Organic and Natural Products under our brand name "Renaush" in the retail market.

  • B2B/ Bulk Sales

    In B2B model we provide labeled products in bulk as well as in wholesale or loose packaging. 

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    • Wholesale/ Looseimg
  • Export

    We are committed to providing our customers with a variety of the best quality agricultural produce including organic and natural products. All our organic products are certified in adherence to United States Organic NOP Standards, Indian NPOP and Canada Organic Regime. We export variety of products to US, Canada, Europe and Middle East countries.

Our Farmers

Renaush works directly with the farmers and our hand-picked products undergo thorough quality check before it reaches to your table. We ensure that our products are Non-GMO, 100% Vegan and free from harmful chemicals. 

Our ultimate goal is to keep soil healthy. With our expertise in organic and natural farming, we make sure that our farmers are well trained and implement best sustainable farming practices. Our qualitative approach helps farmers to get higher returns on their produce.



Our organic products are certified in adherence to United States Organic NOP Standards, Indian Organic Standards NPOP, and Canada Organic Regime. We strictly follow the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and maintain the record for traceability of organic produce.
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Our Wellness products are certified natural & organic, cruelty free and vegan from Biocert International.


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