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Renaush Organic Dried Figs, Anjeer, Dry Fruits, Dried Fruits 150gm

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"The premium quality Certified Organic Dried figs of Renaush are sourced from top-rated Organic farms. Dried Figs/ Anjeer are professionally handpicked and meticulously packaged, keeping their Natural flavors totally intact. There is no compromise with the quality of these Figs. The Organic Dried Figs of Renaush can be good for weight management schedules. They can also help in improving the immunity level. The Certified Organic Dried figs are completely gluten free. There are no artificial flavors in the product. Renaush assures an authentic taste of Natural Figs with Pure Organic elements. Top Nutritionists recommend Dried Figs, commonly known as Anjeer, for regulating blood sugar level. Figs are considered to be beneficial for diabetic patients. They also seem to be helpful in enhancing cardiovascular health. Renaush offers Certified Organic Dried figs that have a delectably juicy coating and a crunchy core. You will love to have these figs regularly as a part of a balanced diet."
Organic Dried Figs/Anjeer
Q. Can I have dried figs/ anjeer to boost my stamina?
A. Yes, dried figs are said to boost stamina.

Q. Is it possible to lower cholesterol level by including dried figs in my diet?
A. As per nutritionists dried figs can lower cholesterol. If you want to consume on a regular basis consult your dietician for daily requirements.

Q. How long the organic dried figs remain fresh?
A. The expiry date of the product is mentioned on the package.

Q. Are these organic dried figs certified?
A. Yes, dried figs from Renaush are 100% certified organic.

Q. How can I consume organic dried figs?
A. Organic dried figs can be soaked overnight and eaten the next morning empty stomach. It can also be taken at breakfast or as a healthy snack on the go.
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Renaush Organic Dried Figs, Anjeer, Dry Fruits, Dried Fruits 150gm
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