RENAUSH Organic Pine nut/ Chilgoza/ Dry Fruits, Healthy Snack, Organic Dry Fruits, Nuts- 200 gram

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Renaush Organic Pine Nuts are crunchy, nutty and buttery textured pleasantly sweet, and delicious small edible seeds (kernels) of the female cone on a pine tree. Coming from the dry cold areas of Himachal Pradesh, these nuts are selectively handpicked by our experts who make sure that the best quality reaches the doorstep of all health enthusiasts. The soft and nutty flavor with an undercurrent of sweetness, might give you a taste similar to cashews. To ensure the taste, aroma and freshness of the nuts remains intact our team focuses on stringent measures while packaging.

Our kernels are an excellent source of plant-derived nutrients, essential minerals, vitamins, and "heart-friendly" monounsaturated fatty acids, which improve health by lowering blood cholesterol levels. Pine nuts are a calorie-rich edible nut that are high in phytochemicals, vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals that promote good health.

Organic Pine Nuts/ Chilgoza
Q. Can my balanced diet have organic pine nuts?
A. Yes, a balanced diet can have organic pine nuts. But, it is better to consult with dietician to ascertain daily requirements.

Q. Can organic pine nuts improve my energy level?
A. It is said that organic pine nuts are good sources of energy. So, they can improve your energy level.

Q. Are there any added preservatives?
A. No, there are no added preservatives.

Q. Can I eat these pine nuts for breakfast?
A. Yes, you can conveniently eat these pine nuts for breakfast.

Q. How long do these pine nuts remain fresh?
A. Six months from the date of packaging.
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RENAUSH Organic Pine nut/ Chilgoza/ Dry Fruits, Healthy Snack, Organic Dry Fruits, Nuts- 200 gram
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