RENAUSH Organic Brown Raisins/ Kishmish, Dry Fruits, Dried Fruit, 250 Gram

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With Grapes as its ancestor, Renaush Organic Brown Raisins have a flavor that lingers in one’s mind. The elegant color makes them stand out from the rest while the sweet and chewy nature makes it everyone’s absolute favorite all-time snack.

It satiates your sugar cravings and makes sure that you are adding the right kind of sweetness in your lifestyle. 
Besides its delicious taste, these brown raisins are loaded with nutritional benefits like fiber, vitamins, and minerals that one should add in their diet.  Additionally, they can be great in maintaining better eyesight and bone health along with its high iron content that will exceptionally help people with iron deficiencies. 

Organic Brown Raisins/ Kishmish
Q. Are these raisins natural?
A. These raisins are 100% natural and organic.

Q. Do these raisins contain antioxidants necessary to keep the body fit?
A. Yes, organic raisins are said to be a powerhouse of antioxidants that keep the body fit.

Q. Are there added colors in these raisins?
A. No, there are no added colors in these raisins.

Q. Can I have these raisins as snacks throughout the day?
A. Yes, you can. But, it is better to consult with an experienced nutritionist for your daily requirements.

Q. Are there vitamins in these organic raisins?
A. According to top health experts, these organic raisins are rich in essential vitamins.
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RENAUSH Organic Brown Raisins/ Kishmish, Dry Fruits, Dried Fruit, 250 Gram
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