RENAUSH A Grade Organic Mamra Almonds, Nuts, Dry Fruits, Mamra Badam Almonds-250 Gram

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Have a healthy start to your day with delicious and healthy Renaush Organic Mamra Almonds. Our experts carefully handpick the best and premium quality of almonds to make sure your bowl is filled with the healthiest of the lot. Unleash some crunchiness in your mouth and let your taste buds experience the sweetness with every bite of our exotic Mamra Almonds. 
To ensure that the vitamins, antioxidants and healthy fats remain intact and do not lose their nutritional value we adhere to stringent packaging methods. From controlling blood sugar levels to  strengthening your bones and eyesight, our almonds are loaded with nutrients and antioxidants to take a 360 degree approach in maintaining your health.
Organic Mamra Almonds
Q. I suffer from diabetes. Can I take these almonds?
A. Yes, you can certainly have certified organic mamra almonds in your diet. Almonds are said to control blood sugar levels.

Q. Do organic almonds help in digestive abilities?
A. Yes, these organic almonds are said to be very effective in enhancing one’s digestive abilities.

Q. Shall I consult with a nutritionist before including the almonds in my diet?
A. Yes, it is recommended.

Q. Can a teenager eat these almonds?
A. Yes, there is no problem in a teenager eating these almonds.

Q. Are they picked up from organic farms?
A. Yes, these almonds are fresh picked from certified organic farms.
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RENAUSH A Grade Organic Mamra Almonds, Nuts, Dry Fruits, Mamra Badam Almonds-250 Gram
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