Renaush Organic Walnut / Akhrot Giri Rich in Omega-3 (140gm)

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"Certified Organic Walnut from Renaush is one of the finest examples of premium quality Nuts available in the market. As a consumer, you will cherish it in any form. Organic Walnuts are loaded with nutrients that help in improving health conditions considerably. Absence of gluten makes it an automatic option to be included in the balanced diet Renaush expertly sources the Walnuts from Organic farms that are regularly maintained to exclusively supply the best quality dried fruits. These organic walnuts are crunchy and incredibly tasty, with a signature raw smell. These walnuts are rich in proteins, making them automatic choices to be included in a balanced diet. It is also an option to garnish desserts such as brownies and waffles with Certified Organic Walnut of Renaush. Organic walnuts are said to be incredibly effective in helping individuals to lead a healthy lifestyle. It comes in neat packaging, "
Organic Walnuts
Q. Are there proteins in these organic walnuts?
A. Yes, organic walnuts are said to be a powerhouse of proteins.

Q. Are they 100% organic?
A. Yes, the walnuts are 100% certified organic.

Q. Are these organic walnuts non-GMO products?
A. Yes, these walnuts are non-GMO products.

Q. Can I have these walnuts in my diet?
A. You can. It is better to consult an expert dietician or nutritionist for your daily intake.

Q. Can I have these walnuts as snacks?
A. You can conveniently have these organic walnuts as snack items on the go. It can also be added to desserts.
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Renaush Organic Walnut / Akhrot Giri Rich in Omega-3 (140gm)
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